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RIP Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is Dead

M.A.D Marketing is an online marketing company based in Durban. We’ve found that many entrepreneurs spend a fortune on traditional marketing and are unable to quantify the return on investment. The days of wasting money on advertising and hoping for leads are over. We will setup an online marketing strategy that’s tailor made to your budget and target customers. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, we can assist you.

Why should you avoid traditional marketing?

When we think of marketing our business, we think of tangibles. An actual product that we can see or hold in our hands such as flyers, street pole ads, adverts in newspapers, magazines, radio etc. Here’s the problem, while businesses are spending loads of hard earned money to get potential customers attention, the consumer is getting saturated by it. We are bombarded with companies trying to get our attention so we ignore most of it. There’s nothing wrong with advertising in these places but for small business owners, budgets are tight if not non-existent. The issue with these traditional forms of marketing is that we pay first, according to the supplier’s pricing structure instead of our budget, cross our fingers and hope for the best. For traditional forms of advertising to be effective, you need to be consistently advertising. In other words, consistently forking out cash. Traditional marketing is good for established businesses that are building brand awareness because they have the resources to advertise consistently.

For small businesses that need to see a return on investment so that they stay in business, there are other more economical and effective forms of advertising. The idea is that when a prospective customer needs your products or services, you’ve already position yourself to be first in line for consideration. Our services are geared with this strategy in mind.